May 9, 2006
8 days left...

I hope I don't have to wait 8 days.  I know things were supposed to get uncomfortable but my goodness.  Actually I don't think it's so much about being sick and uncomfortable as being impatient.  I want to see and hold my baby.  I know I'm going to have a baby but it still doesn't seem quite real, so I don't really think it will hit me till I'm in the hosptial or the baby is actually born and I can see her.

I just realized that I have never really came out and said we are having a girl, but now you all know.  A couple of you know the name already but I'm not gonna post it till she is here.


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Apr 26, 2006
3 Weeks Left and Counting....

Yes I am still alive everyone.  Just busy complaining about being pregnant.  LOL.  It hasn't been the most enjoyable ride that is for certain.  I finally have my acid reflux under control with the most wonderful purple pill called nexium.  I have only gotten sick while taking it once.  I am still quezy everyday but some days are better than others. 

We have all of our stuff for the baby at the apartment now.  There are still a few things we need to get here and there but we have some gift cards to use still.  My mom will hopefully be down this way sometime before the baby is here to actually set up the room the baby will be in.  I still need to do as much of my laundry as possible and clean up my bedroom to make way for the bassinet.  Most likely we will have to totally rearrange our bedroom to even have a setup that will work.

We have a doctors appointment this afternoon and will have one each week till the baby is here.  May is a really busy month for us.  Dave has finals, and papers do for his 2 classes.  He has graduation and of course I'm having a baby and my birthday is in May.  My brother even has foot surgery in May too, along with a friend of ours that has a birthday in May. 

The weird thing about this whole pregnancy is that the due date for my little girl is the same due date my mom had for me.  Three of my friends from college had girls in the month of May too.  It's just a bit creepy I think.

Speaking of creeping, about 4 weeks ago me and my mom went shopping for a coming home outfit for the baby.  We walk into one of the maturnity stores to check out nursing supplies and I see someone I graduated high school with.  She says ya I'm pregnant, due in October and in the back of the store were 2 more girls I graduated with that were pregnant.  I knew all of these girls because of church, choir and/or band.  Of the 2 that were sitting in the back one is due at the end of this month and the other due at the end of May.  I even got married on the same day as one of them.  It was just too many people of the same age, that graduated from the same high school that same year, to all be pregnant at the same time.

Any way enough of my babbling.  If I was repeative or posted about any of this before please forgive me as my memory is a bit on the fritz.

Hugs to all!!

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Dec 2, 2005
Wow...16 Weeks Already...

Finally an update...

Let's start from the beginning.  Well not the real beginning, lol.  All I know about that is it was probably that trip to Myrtle Beach.  I'm going to have to stay away from there unless I want lots of babies.

Any way we found out around the end of September.  We were just going to have the test done at the doctors appointment but we couldn't wait.  The test was very positive since I was about 3 weeks late when we got the test.  The first doctors appointment was nice, though we didn't see the doctor.  We just met with a nurse and she gave us a binder of information.  We went over a good portion of the information and of course they took blood, 4 things full.

At that point in time I had sort of mild to moderate morning sickness, so it was tolerable for the most part.  They told me I could take meclazine, which is a motion sickness medication.  The farther things went along the worse it got.  I start getting vomit sick is the mornings sometimes.

Finally one weekend, I just went all the way down hill.  I could keep anything down, not even water for an entire weekend.  I even called our on call nurse and she told me to take more of my meclazine.  It didn't do much so on Monday, October 17, 2005 we went into the doctors office.   I peed in a cup and in no time at all the decision was made, even though they could just tell by looking at me and also the fact I had lost about 8 pounds since I was in just a couple weeks before.  They told me the stick they put in the pee turned within milliseconds, faster than the typical result.  We also did an ultra sound to see if the baby was ok.  They told us after that they wanted to make sure their wasn't more than one since I was so sick.

So we made our way to the hospital for me to have a nice IV.  My veins were so tiny that the guy that took my blood for tests had to use a syringe to get my blood because the tubes made my veins collapse.  Any way they let me take two kinds of naseau meds, one through IV and the other via shot or mouth.  I chose the shot and man was it the worse shot on the face of the earth.  My arm hurt for like a week.  Well both of my arms, since they put my IV in the bend of my arm.  I couldn't help but scream everything I bent or unbent my arm.  Ok, so on with the story.

I spent 2 nights in the hospital, till I could keep soft foods down.  Even though I was out of the hospital I wasn't allowed to go back to work till the doctor told me I could.  What a change of pace that was to deal with.  I went back to the doctor about a week after I got out of the hospital.  He let me go back to my normal job but not the retail one.  I still haven't gone back and probably won't anytime soon. 

After I went back to work the morning sickness settled and then I slowly went down the hill again.  This time it didn't get too bad but it still made just sitting in front of a computer difficult.  So during my next regular appointment, which was technically supposed to be my second appointment total I told I was still feeling icky.  This was on November 18th.  So I go some very expensive meds, the stuff they give cancer patients.  And they also gave me a steriod treatment to do if I still didn't feel good 3 days later.  Our ultrasound turned out great and the baby was looking awesome. 

Needless to say I did start on that steriod treatment because it was going to be Thanksgiving and I wanted to have a decent holiday.  And it was a wonderful holiday I might add.  So far things have been pretty tolerable so I'm started to think positive.  Also our next appointment is December 16th and they said we could find out the sex of the baby just in time for Christmas.  I'm excited.  And yes I'm showing just a little, but not enough for most people to tell.

Hope that gets everyone up to speed.  I hope to be better with the updates.

Also shout out to Shawna who is also with child and 10 weeks along.

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Nov 2, 2005
Welcome to my Pregnancy/Baby Blog

Here is the place I will tell you about my pregnancy and my baby.  Hope you enjoy the ride. 

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